Where Your Pets ARE the MASTERPIECE
ONE OF A KIND Commission Painting of your pet! (Any type).
Pieces shown are examples! Size 16 x 20.
Other sizes available!
Any style, tattoo memorial (as shown but different),
Realism, Impressionist, etc......
Custom Hand
Painted Treat Jar
of your Loved Pet
Custom Hand Painted
Loved Pet
Personalized One of a Kind Pet
Portraits of Your Babies

The Sacred URN
Custom Ceramic funerary URN Cat, Dog, Bird & Hamsters Too
Your friend deserves the very best! In honor of your pet,
A ceramic urn made specifically with them in mind.

After purchase, send over your pets photo and any specifications,
personalization's, themes, colors etc. And we will create the perfect
urn deserving of your pet!
Can You See Me
Can You Sense Me

Mom & Dad
You Can Not Hear Me
But I am Here
You Can Not See Me
But I am Here
You Still Sense Me
Because I will Always Be

In Your Hearts
I am There to Stay

I Have Passed the Torch
As It was My Time To Go
I Close My Eyes
Smiling & Saying
"It Once was Mine"

I will Never Leave you
Rainbow Bridge

They say memories are Golden
well maybe that is true
I never wanted memories
I only wanted you

A million times I needed you
If Love alone could have saved you
YOU never would have died

In life, I Loved you Dearly
in Death I Love you Still
in my Heart you Hold a Place
NO one Could ever Fill

If Tears could Build a Stairway
and Heartache Make a Lane
I'd walk the Path to Heaven
and Bring you Back Again

Our Family Chain is Broken
and Nothing Seems the Same
but as God Calls us One by One
the Chain will Link Again

~ Until We Meet Again ~

Toby Lost His Battle with FIP
He was AMAZING in Every Way
He is Deeply Missed

Jun. 21, 2013
(Click to see article)

Scientists Uncovered the Holy Grail
of a 30-Year Quest
for the mutation that turns it fatal.
Discovery offers Hope Against
Deadly Cat Virus