Bengal Cats are Very Smart, Entertaining, Affectionate and in a
Lot of Ways Very Dog-like....
About 80% of My Bengals Cats Love Water, YUP Toilet Seats DOWN!!!!!

They Learn to Play Fetch and Leash Train For outdoor Adventures Easily
They are Very Food Driven, so training Can be Easier
Some Can be Trained to Sit on Command and Some Bengals will
Follow you Around your Home Like a Dog, Wanting you Near.

A Lot of Bengals are Vocal, they will Tell You When it is
Feeding Time as Well as Talk to You as You know What they are Saying.

Bengals are Curious, inquisitive and in a Lots of Ways to Smart for
their Own Good...
With a Lot of Bengals, "Everything" is a Toy, so Bengal Proofing
a Home May be Needed

Bengal Cats are an Amazingly Beautiful, Extremely FUN, Entertaining,
Loving Breed of Cat that will Allow You to Own an Exotic Mini Leopard
with a Purring Personality.

Bengal Cats are a hybrid derived from the Asian Leopard Cat.